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Grow your Forest Today!

Protect the Bornean Orangutan by Regrowing their Home with the Orangutan Tree Project

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At only $3 a tree, YOU can directly help protect the critically endangered Bornean Orangutan. GLOBIO and Yayasan IARI have partnered to regrow the Pematang Gadung Community forest which will mean:

  • Planting 750,000 tropical rainforest trees.
  • Giving 500 Orangutans and other unique species a new tropical rainforest home.
  • Employing local villagers to collect seeds, nurture seedlings, and plant and protect new forest.
  • Limiting climate changing by ensuring carbon stays sequestered beneath this new forest in the peat, not released into our atmosphere.
  • Trapping more carbon and other gases by growing 750,000 tropical rainforest trees.
  • Engaging people globally to learn and donate.

The tropical peat swamp forest You help GLOBIO and Yayasan IARI build, in West Kalimantan Borneo, will restore over 1,500 hectares (3,700 acres) of native forest destroyed in the horrific fires of 2015 — A new forest, a new home to over 500 wild and orphaned Critically Endangered Bornean orangutans and other key species. This is peat swamp forest contains megatons of sequestered carbon that would otherwise be released into the atmosphere, contributing significantly to global climate change. Each tree costs just $3 US from seed to seedling. This includes protection for two years by dedicated Orangutan Tree Project team members, until the seedling reaches 2 meters (6-7 feet) tall and begins shading out invasive grasses.

Donate for your trees today!